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Hey there! The Weekly Learner is a general education blog founded as a summer project. We are a tight-knit community of university students with varying fluency of the English Language who loves to share any fascinating, bite-sized chunk of knowledge we have picked up from our courses.  We hope that you'll find our posts interesting and have an enjoyable time learning something new.


Branson Choon


A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who's completing a degree in Computer Science. Personal interests includes car spotting, playing the guitar and video games. Will be mostly focusing on creating and developing the site's mobile application alongside with the lead designer.

Jordan Tay


I'm just a simple guy with a complex mind studying Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering at the University of Southampton. You'll be seeing me in the Engineering column most of the time with a few random discussions every now and then.

Jearn Xiu Lee


Just another average scholar with big dreams. Currently studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Sussex. I would mostly be handling the posts that are in the Finance section. 

Rick Tan


Hiya there! I’m a straightforward person with a mostly positive outlook on life studying Dentistry at SEGi University. I’ll mostly be writing up on any Biology-related topics, so I hope to see you there :D


Renee Koh


Hi ^=^ I’m Renee, an Aero Engineering student at the University of Sydney. I have many amateur interests, but particularly in Psychology, Personal Finance, and the Arts. Do look forward to little rad bits of information during my time here at The Weekly Learner!

Joseph Diong


I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney. I’ll be contributing to the engineering column with whatever knowledge I’ll pick up from my readings from curiosity. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enlighten you with bits of information from all corners of engineering.

Justin Yeo


Hey, Justin here. I'm a full-time student at the University of Edinburgh studying Mathematics and Statistics. I indulge in a variety of interests but mainly enjoy reading about probability and analysing different sets of data. The Maths column will be managed by me so I do hope you'll enjoy the topics you find there! 

Alyna Ooi


Hi peeps! I am a student studying Dentistry at SEGi University. I took up music at a very young age and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on it. I'll mainly be writing on musically related topics and I hope you will enjoy it like I do too :)

Shaun Ting


Nice to meet you all! I'm currently a prospective student looking to begin my studies in Computer Science at Singapore Management University later this year. I'm your typical computer-obsessed nerd who's looking to share some stories about the world of computers. If you haven't guessed already, I also happen to be an avid gamer!

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